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How we put your puzzle together.

Our Process

So what does moving forward look like? How do we
work together to put your financial puzzle together?

1Getting to know you.

This step is crucial. Because we must understand your personality, your plans, your goals, your risk tolerance and your fears before we can start putting your puzzle together. The thing is, at CMC Financial, we believe that financial advising is first and foremost a people business, not a money business. So we take the time to get to know each and every one of our customers and their families well.

2Gathering the puzzle pieces.

Once we’ve established a good working relationship, we’ll start the information-gathering phase. We’ll need documents, account information and other details about your current financial situation so we can start putting the puzzle together. We’ll work closely with you to gather this information and assist you every step of the way.

3Piecing your puzzle together.

Once we’ve gathered the information, we’ll analyze the information with your short- and long-term goals in mind and create a plan for helping you achieve them. This will be a detailed plan with clearly defined steps and actions needed to start putting together your personal financial puzzle.

4Getting down to work.

Once we’ve reviewed the plan, we’ll get your sign off and we’ll get down to work. We’ll set up accounts, make investments, transfer funds and essentially put your plan into action. Rest assured, however, this is just the beginning of our puzzle-building collaboration. We’ll be in regular contact with you to assess your progress and make any adjustments to your plan based on situational or economic changes.