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Bringing all the pieces together.

About Us

At CMC Financial, we Can offer you 
insight, experience and passion you need to create,
execute and adjust your lifelong financial plan.

We’re in this for the long haul.

Your puzzle is constantly changing. Whether you get married, divorced, promoted or start your own business. Whether your children attend college, get married or have their own kids. Regardless of what happens or changes in your life, we want to be right there with you, ready to analyze the new pieces and make adjustments to ensure everything still comes together as planned. In fact, we like to check in with our clients regularly — every few months or so — to see if there have been any changes, track our progress and make any necessary changes.

We do it your way.

Everyone has a different comfort zone when it comes to personal financial management. Some people like to meet regularly with their advisors, while others just want them on call. Some people want to use all the financial technology available to them, while others still prefer paper statements and in-person meetings. At CMC Financial, we’ll do it however you want. We offer robust technology tools to all our clients, but you don’t have to use them. We’ll make our communications, account management and all interactions happen the way you’re most comfortable. Because that’s what matters to us.

We’re professional problem solvers.

As financial planning professionals, we love the process of finding solutions to your personal financial needs and goals. We love analyzing all the different pieces and figuring out how they fit together to create your personal financial and life plan solution. Truth is, we take finding a solution to your financial puzzle as personally as we do our own. And we’re deeply invested in your success.

We go way beyond investing.

Stocks and bonds are just two pieces of your financial puzzle. Important pieces, yes, but still just a small portion of your big picture. This is why at CMC Financial, we go way beyond simply offering investment advice. We provide a holistic approach — taking into account everything from cash flow to taxes to estate planning — to provide a comprehensive solution. Because your puzzle is more than just two pieces. A lot more.

Client Centered

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